Midnight Paloma Holiday Body Bundle
  • Midnight Paloma Holiday Body Bundle

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An olive and elle staff fave!

Give the gift of self care with the Midnight Paloma Holiday Body Bundle.

Bonus re-usable tote bag! (limited quantities)

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Benefits: Detox, Hydration + Circulation Boost
Scent Story: Blood Orange, Lime, Vanilla + Grapefruit
Includes: Everything Balm + Dry Body Brush

Give your skin the best exfoliation + glow with this all natural duo. Start with our Dry Body Brush. On dry skin, brush upwards towards your heart to boost circulation, energy and gently exfoliate before the shower. After, dry off and apply our nourishing Everything Balm. Rich in coconut butter, shea butter, rice bran oil and rosemary extract this nourishing balm melts into the skin with contact and its non-greasy formula is the best for providing a glow. Not just for your body! Use all over: cuticles, elbows and face.

Hot Tip! Use the Everything Balm at night on your dry cuticles/hands to wake up hydrated in the a.m.