Kim Queen Pillowcase, White, set of 2
  • Kim Queen Pillowcase, White, set of 2

  • C$114.00

A beautiful rippled effect will appear in this classic seersucker after the first wash. 100% cotton, woven in Italy, sewn in Canada.

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Machine wash using moderate temperatures and gentle cycles in a small to moderate load.

Do not use ‘water saver’ settings.

Select a mild soap such as Thymes Concentrated Laundry Detergent.

Do not use any type of bleach or fabric softener.

Machine dry on gentle using a moderate temperature; do not over dry.

Ironing can be done on the appropriate fabric setting while the fabric is still slightly damp.


Do not use caustic soaps, bleaches, Persil, or Woolite detergents.

Sleep in nightwear made with natural fabrics; nightwear made with synthetic fibers is one of the biggest causes of pilling.

Do not launder with any articles that are heavy or coarse, they can scour the fabric.

Acne medications and whitening toothpastes contain chemicals that will bleach almost everything.